About Ubika

Ubika Research is an investment research and capital market services firm based in Toronto and Vancouver with a proven track record of identifying and launching coverage of high potential small cap stocks (<$5 billion) at an early stage.

For more, see our online exposure platform at www.smallcappower.com

Are You?
  • A CEO/CFO of a publicly listed small cap company looking to raise capital but concerned that your investment story lacks visibility? Do you want a partner who can raise your market profile, boost value and liquidity and give you access to the financiers and intermediaries who want to hear your story?
  • A CEO/CFO of a capital pool or private company trying to raise financing?
  • An investment bank, merchant bank or boutique financier seeking a well qualified deal flow and a quality investment research firm?
  • An investor advisor who needs the marketing and client communication solutions that will generate revenues and broaden and deepen your client relationships?
  • A small cap investor who seeks quality research on promising small cap companies?